About Me

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Hi. My name is Kim Lawson.  I enjoy reading, riding ATVs, sitting in  the sun and learning. The two greatest joys in my life are my morning quiet time and spending time with my granddaughter, Emma Grace.  She is a gift from God that I treasure.

July 2016, God called me to begin writing a Christian blog.  My purpose for writing is to provide Godly encouragement to those who are emotionally broken and feel they are without hope.  I write in His name with the expectation that others will come to know that God can provide healing, hope and true joy. My desire is for Him to receive glory for all things positive that come from my efforts.

My message is simple: God’s gift of Grace mends broken hearts, brings hope to the hopeless and heals the emotionally wounded.  By acknowledging our helplessness to overcome by our own strength, we gain victory. When we surrender to God He takes our hurts and our sin and creates in us a new person. In our sorrow there is grace. In our joy there is grace. Grace is in all that we see, and in all that we do. Grace is the foundation of all that we are and ever hope to be.


I hope you enjoy the words God has laid on my heart.  As you enter his presence in prayer, I ask that you lift me up to Him that I will walk in obedience to his instruction.

Let’s walk with Him together.

In His Grace,