God has called me to a writing ministry.   Writing allows me the opportunity to not only help women realize how God can heal their lives, but will also provide me the privilege of bragging about my God. My desire is for him to receive glory for all things positive that come from my efforts.

God being God does not settle for mediocre.  He has given me a dual calling: minister through blogging and writing and become a business owner.  I step out in faith with Godly boldness and confidence.  Confidence not in myself, but in what I know God can do through me.

I struggle daily as a result of over thirty years of physical and emotional abuse.  My scars are deep, many are still fresh and new; emotional wounds still find me…..but that’s okay.  God has brought healing above and beyond what I would have ever imagined.  There are setbacks and sad days, but every day is a victory in Christ.

My knowledge, my pen and other God-given talents and abilities, fueled by a burning passion, will be used to glorify God.  As I step out in obedience to Him lives will be changed in his name.

God will be pushing me out of my comfort zone.  The journey will come full circle when I become a business owner enabling me to use my financial resources to further support my ministry.  This is a life-long faith call,  more like a battle cry.  Ahead lies hard work and several years of grit and perseverance……but that’s okay.  The alternative is to tell My Heavenly Father no.  What a sad day that would be.  I am a Child Of God.  I am an Overcomer.

Other than my salvation nothing is more solid and set out than the path God has laid before me.  I am fearful but FAITHFUL.

Several years from now when my grandchildren think of me, I want them to be full of pride that they call me GrandMa.