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Created To Glorify

for-the-gloryNot unto us, O Lord, not unto us, but to Your name give glory. Psalm 115:1 (NIV )

Our Heavenly Father’s purpose in creating us is to magnify his glory.  As followers of Christ, we are to live our lives in such a way as to further his kingdom.

He desires our companionship and invites us to seek him for more than what he can do for us.  He longs for our undivided attention out of love because of who is to us. Our day should begin with an attitude of upward praise; seeking  his face before we seek his hand.

Many mornings, I hit the alarm grumbling about  going to the job I prayed for him to provide.  My prayer begins not with words of praise but with a list of needs. I seem to forget that he is all knowing and as a loving Father, he will provide and grant  the desires of my heart.  He knows what lies ahead and is ready to help meet the demands of the day even before that pesky alarm sounds.

As a parent, there is no greater joy than to have one of my children sit and spend time with me for no other reason than to show their love.  God is no different. Our words of praise for who he is and for what he has done is sweet love to him.  I believe he has a smile when we come to him for the sole purpose of sitting and spending time with him.

“Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for loving me so much that you sent your Son to die for me. I begin my day today praising you for who you are and for what you have done in my life. You are amazingly awesome. Amen.”


17 thoughts on “Created To Glorify

  1. Awesome post! A great reminder that we shouldn’t just come to God with our needs and wants but also for companionship, love, and reverence for who He is. Thank you for sharing!


  2. I am not a morning person, but while I might grumble about having to wake up, I am always grateful for another day to spend with Jesus. Thanks for sharing this devotional with us.


    1. Heather, Until two years ago I was not a morning person either. As soon as my alarm would sound I would be consumed with anger. As God began to work in my life, I found that my day flowed better when I began it with Him. Now I wake up excited to come in His presence.


  3. This is so true! It is so easy to start with a list of needs for the day rather than praise. Starting with praise sets our heart right for the day. Thanks for the reminder!


  4. We forget that everything we do in our lives is to glorify Him, isn’t this the truth? We mistakenly think our lives are ours to live any way we please. Thank you for reminding me of my purpose.


  5. You are so right! I often times run to my Father with a list of things I need from Him. I need to learn that He has gone before me, He already knows my need and made provisions for that need. I also need to learn to still my heart and mind in His presence. As much as He desires my company, I should desire to listen to His voice! Thank you for sharing! ❤


  6. I find that sitting still in His presence gives me the faith I need to face the day. I always keep a notepad with me to jot down things that come to mind. Sometimes those are from Him but sometimes I just need to write them down so I can get back to listening.


  7. Yes, a beautiful reminder to seek His face first before we seek His hand. I often need to be reminded of this, especially as I get overwhelmed with all the hats I wear during my day. Thank you for this!


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