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Passion Ignited


Fueled with excitement, I announced to my Women’s Small Group that God had called me to write a blog.  As soon as I spoke the words, I closed my eyes expecting to hear laughter or to re-open my eyes and see faces of bewilderment staring back at me.   Three months later, I have a blog site with only one post to show for all that excitement and passion.  Discouragement set in quickly and procrastination took control.

I wanted to publish with a bang, have all the bells and whistles.  God kept whispering, “Just write.”  The only thing being accomplished was my avoiding to write.  I casually thought about writing, but I just couldn’t seem to get that “goosebump feeling.”  There never seemed to be a perfect time.  “Just Write,” He whispered.  I responded with more excuses: I need to spend time reading about writing, I need a refresher grammar course, my vocabulary needs improving, etc.  “Just Write,” He whispered.  The Holy Spirit begin to press into my inner being. “Commit your work to the Lord, then it will succeed.” Psalm 16:3.

God isn’t concerned about my grammar or my vocabulary; over time my skills will improve.  He isn’t impressed with bells and whistles.  He is concerned about my heart and impressed with my obedience.  He has called me to write first for an audience of one.

God’s purpose for me exceeds more than just writing a blog.  God has taken my life experiences and created a desire for ministry. He has ignited a passion within me to bring others with similar hurts and shameful pasts to the well; his well of living water.  A well overflowing with forgiveness, grace, mercy, healing and restoration.  A cool taste of victory in breaking down strongholds of addiction, sexual immorality, loneliness, feelings of being unloved and unworthy.  I want to help them dip into the well and  drink a  cool sip of joy,  peace, and laughter.

“I will drink from a brook along the way and I will lift my head high.” Psalm 110:7

Photo Credit: izoerkler via Compfight cc


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